Levi's Outpost

Step into the world of Levi’s Outpost at Monterey’s International Pop Festival, where the ‘Summer of Love’ vibes came to life. From Jack Johnson’s soothing melodies to the vibrant swirl of tie-dye and patchwork sessions, DIY pin making, and unique heatpress designs on Levi’s products, the atmosphere was a blend of fun, chill, and bursting with creativity, perfectly capturing the retro spirit.

Engaged and enthusiastic, attendees dove into the hands-on experiences with zeal. Our cameras were there to capture these vibrant interactions, conveying not just the lively atmosphere but also the timeless essence of Levi’s brand in our photographs. It was an adventure through a landscape rich in creativity and nostalgia, each moment framed in its full color and energy.


Levi Strauss & Co.


Event Capture
Photo Editing