Desperados Bass Camp

In the heart of Las Vegas, our collaboration with Jack Morton Worldwide for the Desperados Bass Camp turned into a content goldmine. For Desperados Beer and Heineken, every vibrant moment was an opportunity, and we seized them all. From the influencers’ Bass Run through colorful powder cannons to the rhythmic pulses of Bass Jump and the high-flying Lift-off snaps, we transformed fleeting moments into a vast array of curated social content.

From snippets for Instagram, YouTube content, and video ads to daily photo selects, we ensured every beat was captured and repurposed. With some big-name influencers in the mix, we made sure the online world was buzzing with all the fun we captured. It’s all about making the most of every moment!


Jack Morton Worldwide
Desperados Beer / Heineken


Video Production
Event Capture
Creative Development