Global Glimpse x United Airlines

When the heartwarming mission of Global Glimpse met the sky-reaching ambition of United Airlines, it was a first-of-its-kind adventure.  We had the unique privilege of joining this journey, capturing the essence of young, vibrant high school students, navigating the raw beauty of the Dominican Republic’s rural villages. With a single video, we told a story spanning a week, spotlighting our “hero” students, as they stepped out of their comfort zones, interacted with the locals, and truly embraced a world far removed from their own.

Our nimble crew faced the challenges of working in resource-limited settings, adapting on-the-go, and forming quick connections with the village communities. And in the post-production phase, we collaborated closely with United Airlines to weave their partnership story seamlessly into the narrative, shining a spotlight on the powerful impact of the Global Glimpse program. The result? A heartfelt piece that resonates across various platforms, inspiring potential participants and showcasing the transformative power of travel, understanding, and connection.


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